John Einselen

310 Woodside Ct Apt 150
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Work Experience
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Motion graphic artist and designer for Vectorform.

I have operated as both team member and lead artist on various promotional and internal campaigns for companies such as Chrysler Financial, W. L. Gore, Microsoft, and NBC. Motion graphics, vector illustration, technical animations, stylized visual effects, and character animation.


Visual Effects artist, motion graphics designer, and animator for the Creation Museum.

Working as the primary inhouse effects artist, I was responsible for two of the prominent video pieces on display. I worked closely with engineers and research scientists to develop and produce Flood, which involved intense modeling, shading, and visual effects based on various scientific models. For the short film Creation of Adam, I produced a fully digital landscape, advanced particulate effects and deformations, 3D motion tracking, compositing, lighting and rendering, and developed photorealistic textures, as well as providing on set support.


Designer and animator for the inhouse presentation department of Answers in Genesis.

I developed engaging 3D illustrations and video based content for speakers, giving them a solid foundation for presentations with design continuity and graphic organization. I also created photography used by multiple departments for promotional materials and magazines.


Head of visual effects and lead effects artist for No Greater Love, a short film produced in Marion, Indiana, and freelance visual effects artist working with greenscreen, 3D visual effects, compositing, editing, and DVD production.

The short film I worked on won accolades across the country, along with several awards including Best of Festival (2005 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival) and Best Production Value (6th Annual Christian WYSIWYG Film Festival).


3 summers work experience in production, motion graphics, visual effects, and design at the World Gospel Mission Media Department.

Working with director Arthur Rasco, I helped develop and produce entertaining and successful promotional videos and documentaries on the humanitarian and missionary work of WGM. Within just one showing of “Modeling Charity” we had reached the $40,000 donation goal for the entire project. Other videos were met with similar (though not as dramatic) success, including international exposure and accolades.

On-set and on-site work ranged from Marion, Indiana, to Olderkesi, Kenya.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics, Indiana Wesleyan University
and Photography, Indiana Wesleyan University


Spring 2004

One semester with the Indiana Wesleyan University Art Department: video production, motion graphics, and DVD production, working on a promotional video to be used by the college.


Two semesters with the World Gospel Mission Media Department: video production, visual effects, 3D graphics, and graphic design.


SD/HD production
2D and 3D visual effects
tracking and compositing

as well as:
shot development
on-set effects direction
CG animation
motion graphics
DVD production
photo manipulation and illustration
film and digital photography


Adobe After Effects Production Bundle

Andersson Tech SynthEyes

Apple DVD Studio Pro
Final Cut Pro
Soundtrack Pro

Newtek Lightwave 3D [7.5-9.6]

Pilgway 3D Coat


upon request